Pre-Closing Inspection

The closing process can often take months, during this time problems can arise within your home.  Also, there is a high chance that certain items were concealed or hidden at the original inspection due to home owner clutter.  

The Pre-closing inspection is your final opportunity to make sure that there are no major hidden defects that may have been previously hidden.  This also gives a chance to check appliances, heat, and other important utilities of the home that may be in different condition than they were at he initial inspection.  Lastly, any agreed upon repairs can be checked to ensure they were properly completed. 

If you would like the added confidence of having a professional with you at your walk-through.  Contact us prior to closing.  

buy with confidence

Our Pre-Closing Inspection is ONLY available to those who have used our services for the initial home inspection. 

Why Have A Walkthrough?


hidden Damages

As home inspections are normally performed in occupied homes.  Many items are possibly concealed by a home owners furniture, storage, clutter.   This gives a chance to check for items previously hidden.  

Check Agreed upon repairs

After initial inspection some buyers negotiate for problems to be repaired.  Unfortunately we find that some sellers agree to fix things, but don't.    It is not uncommon for us to check for a leak that has been "repaired" only to find it still leaking.  Find out before moving into the home.  

Test appliances

Appliances can break.  We can test appliances to ensure everything is working as it should be.  Have a professional test the kitchen and laundry appliances prior to moving in.  


We can test electrical outlets that were previously covered or in use.  When a home is vacant we have full access to all switches and outlets.  

run Utilities

Testing the boiler/furnace and hot water heaters one last time before moving in.  Know that the home you move into has functional heat.  

sometimes, things change

In some cases, the home may have had problems in the months between initial inspection and closing.  Having a professional with you can help uncover any potential last minute problems.  


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